Thursday, April 21, 2011

Playing dress up

Sealer is drying on the morgan, the foal may or may not get finished. In the meantime I was looking at the class list for next weekend trying to decide if I could swing just a couple performance classes, with no tack changes, while judging OF and showing clinkies. hmmmmm (maybe with some help :) )

So I decided to see what looked good on the smutty palomino Roxy, which lead to this....

Top one, is a combo of a pale mint green and peach. Ive used on paler dilutes/duns with much sucess (tho not in a while hence the messy fringe) But I think it might be too pale for this dark of a palomino. So then I tried earthtones. The dark oil wear leathers dont match the saddle but the match the chaps. Looks ok but not eye catching?

Then I got lazy with the last 2 wp dolls I own. The pale blue which has a beautiful matching pad and bridle with blue accents that I didnt swap out, nothing saying WOW here either.  (and pardon her hat, the bow seems to be in the way all of a sudden). The dark blue (her hat is somewhere around here), maybe, adds more color, doesnt sit as well (not that I tried real hard), I have a blue and white pad that would go nice.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Say when!

So often when I am doing a dark bay and Im a couple layers from done I go ooooh pretty and decide to stop. Not this time, as nice as he was coming along, I was determined to stick with my original plan of my fave Morgan color (well really my fave shade of bay on any horse). Its a risk!

And this time I think it paid off :) It helps to be highly inspired by IMO the most awesome sculptress of all things clinky, Maureen Love. I hope I did him justice Maureen (may she RIP) and you wont wish I said "when"!

and to think most people would have thrown the poor shattered ole boy out with the trash!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Humpty Dumpty is naked no more!

After a long slump theres nothing like an impending show to kick ones butt back into the studio. The HR morgan has a good start on his bay coat (planning for dark bay) and Childstar has a base coat, he might be chestnut instead of bay but we shall see!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some progress

but I havent really felt like working in the studio for the last month. Of the 4 things I was planning on finishing for the show at the eom, only these 2 (maybe) will be finished. I also have our first real horse show next weekend, easter weekend and a tack sale in between so we shall see.

First up is the HR morgan that was in pieces. He is nearly ready for paint, just a couple spots that need a bit more work to be invisible repairs

Then I have one of 2 child stars I had planned to do, one for me and one to sell. Only one has even been started, hes ready for paint but I will wait til the morgan is ready and do them at the same time since they will both be bay.