Saturday, March 26, 2011

Roxy cm for sale

Looking to buy dressage tack for Diva so I am putting my cm Roxy up for offers. Since she doesnt fit in my light box the pix arent as nice as I would like, she is not green if the pix look it on your screen, she is a golden smutty palomino. Remade to a collected canter more suitable for versatility showing. New tail and pulled mane, both detailed with dark hairs at the roots. Lowered head/neck, resculpted shoulders etc. Small stripe on face and 3 low socks. Have not yet had a chance to show her in performance but she can be a rock star, even halter too, perfect for Breyerfest performance! Accepting offers starting at $400, postage/ins will be extra

Weather girl

I need them, lots of them, with or without upc, damaged or mint. I will take commissions on them or take them in trade :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The rest of the box

Now that they all are mostly back together and just needing filling and painting here is the rest of the box. The Palomino and buckskin just had ears broken so they wont be too much more work, the other 3 will be a lot harder to fix than the grey cob was. I wont put the 2 back on their bases until I finish the rest of the restorations.