Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hacking up a Wintersong

is a lot of work, its not easy to get that tail off, theres a huge solid chunk o plastic under there and the mane isnt a whole lot of fun either, even when you remove the whole neck with it. But heres what 30 minutes of flying plastic bits and sweat will getcha. Now hes pretty rough yet, needs a bit more work on the back legs, the head and neck I just eyeballed and taped in place tho I think it looks pretty close to what I was going for. And his back needs work. The forelock will go, not sure about the ears yet. Somehow his head is so much more appealing and sweet now. I think its because you can see his eye.

He was inspired by Braymeres blog on Draft horse barrel racing but I think he will look good in a few other performance classes too (because I just have to!). Hes not going quite as all out extended as the ref pix, I wanted him a bit more versatile. I'm thinking short mane and possibly docked tail but depends on what breed I decide to do him as. Im not willing to remove all the feathers so he will have to be a clydesdale, vanner etc type.

Leftover parts!