Sunday, October 17, 2010

Palomino again!

Well after several coats of white in prep for using masking on my roxy cm, then going back and forth between overo and tobiano patterns, I discovered Masque Pens have zero shelf life :( The one I had opened and used last probably 7 years ago ??!? was in better shape then the one I bought and never even took out of the package. What a waste. Even the one that kinda looked like it would work, wasnt in shape to use, I tried and failed. So.....I decided since I had leftover paint from the palo slider Id do her in smutty palo too. I havent painted a trad horse this color since Matriarch first came out!

 She will have mixed in dark hairs in her mane and tail, already started in mane. Now I have to decide if the mini slider needs to be a paint so I dont have 2 QH palomino cms:)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Palomino in progress

This one gave me fits, started over several times, pix dont do him justice tho. Undecided on white markings.

and Pixie is finally done done, just need a name.... 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

Early progress on the ISH

needs more time under the airbrush then all the hand detailing, I really dont do appies :) I buy them :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stock horse central

Seems Ive been on a stock horse CMs kick,  I have some appy cms that I show but somehow not to much else for my second favorite division! That had to be rectified!

These have all been in the prepping and cming process from last spring to just the other night.

First up, a CQHS, in gruella, not the first thought I had for him but I'm happy I changed direction. Its been a while since I painted a gruella, good to know I still can :)

 ISH from the last post, has a new wispy mane and forelock, ready for his appy paintjob

Just started this guy friday night, funny how somethings come together so quick. I made a lot of little changes that combined with the new m/t should get him noticed. Im thinking smutty dapple palomino like the reiners at my new boarding stable.

FINALLY, the roxy cm I started so long ago, then redid the neck, is finally in her first base coat of white in prepartion for being a tobiano. I am going to try masking the markings out for the first time in ages, I get so tired of painting big white areas and keeping them smooth.
and then Pixie snuck in, she is finished other then final spray and gloss

I'm hoping to make it to a show or 2 yet this fall, if I can swing them both that would be awesome. One is a double judged halter show and the other has performance that Id like to get Roxy finished for.