Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shows can either inspire or discourage...

I had to sit and think about it, an old friend I havent seen in a while asked me at the show how long I had been painting. I said at least 10-12 years. Actually its more like 17! I started out hand painting with acrylics which I did not have great success at! After a few years of struggling I moved up to an area with more showers and learned to airbrush from one of them. By the end of that 12 year period I was pretty confident in my airbrush paint jobs, having won several cookies at NAN. But learning oils was like going back 17 years and starting all over. Showing several of my new pieces at the show last weekend was encouraging, not only in the placings but more so in the comments from some highly respected artists and collectors.

Not surprising then I was anxious to get back in the studio and start in on some new pieces.

This resin gal is well on her way to becoming a dark red bay tobiano NSH (she is a commission piece). She will have a more detailed pattern, I just blocked it in for now.

And a G1 Arab Stallion thats been hanging around here a while, I'm trying to recreate the Mindy paintjob :) He has a long way to go!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Il/Ia Live show results!

The show was fun as usual, bigger than its ever been and some large competitive classes! It was great to see my IL area friends, despite how much they razz me when I beat them :) I had about 19 models that I want to get qualified for NAN this summer, some more than others. I got 7 of them qualified. Most importantly I got my first ever oil painted models qualified!

The commission Mindy that I loved so much, I was wowed when she got second in a large gaited minis class!
Even better, she later got second in a VERY large all sizes AR/CM Chestnut color/workmanship class! Woot shes going to NAN if I have to steal her back and take her there myself! (and whats even cooler, she placed right behind my big Indy painted by Tom : ) )

I also NAN'd this recently finished Strawberry Jam

As well as my Pujabi resin! This is the sectional call backs, my two plus my Otto by Sheila Anderson :)
I thought I took more pix but as usual I got busy visiting or packing or showing! Heres a couple more tho:
 My Fraley and Sarah/Joan cm glazes swept the CM Glaze for Champ and Reserve, each earning me 5 bucks! Which I spent on raffle tickets and lunch at the show (and I won 3 raffle items. I swear this show is the ONLY show or other raffle I ever win at.)

Lastly a resin I really wanted to qualify and she ended up getting reserve of the mini resin division! Mini Scarlett by Tiffany.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting things done!

Nothing like an upcoming show for that extra incentive to finish things! (except the lawn still needs to be mowed :( )

Jan's Mindy, done, tho I need to take that eyewhite down a notch I see from the pix. (of course if Jan doesn't like her I'd be HAPPY to keep her!)

and my mess of a NL Cob, next time I sculpt that much hair and then decide to paint it at the last minute with OILS, just shoot me!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Real horse show results!

Schooling show sposnsored by the half Arabian Assoc yesterday. We won the halter mares class, got a first and a second in our hunt classes. This was our second place ride :)