Monday, November 22, 2010

CCR show results

Phew what a long day that was, up at 5:30, show was fast and furious with a huge number of huge classes with only 2 judges double judging 2 divisions at once. I knew it would be a long show but was shocked and exhausted as we pulled out at 9:10 pm and hit the road back to MN. We should have been home around 2, decided to stop for sit down food so maybe 2:30. An hour or so from home the interstate was closed due to freezing rain making the roads super icy. Tons of cars in the ditch. No hotel at that exit so our only option was to hang out in the truck in the WalMart parking lot in 30 degree weather for about an hour and a half. We finally were let back on lightly salted roads that were still slick so going no faster than 40 we crawled the rest of the way up the interstate getting home at 5:00 AM!

Street and sidewalks were so icy you could hardly walk but the models had to be unloaded! I still havent recovered my sleep or my aching muscles from that one. And oh joy looks to be similar weather for Thanksgiving.

Anyway on to results and pix. I missed getting pix of a few of my pieces that did well and havent yet taken all their finished pictures but I got most of them.

Pieces by me:
not pictured: my new palo mustang baby got 2nd under both judges for halter, didnt have the camera out yet for that one, too busy first thing in the morning!

the SM reiner got a 5th under one judge, nothing under the other, same story with the Appy ISH
Roxy got a 3rd under one judge
Grulla classic QH got 4th under both

slightly older pieces that NANd included my Stormwatch, Lonestar and Nevada

now for the better results:


 Pieces by others: (NANs only pictured)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quick break from mad painting sessions

Finished this commission doodlebug, preview pix for his owner, palomino in oils, didnt think I could do it!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Upcoming show motivation

Works best every time! Nothing like a show looming in the not to distant future to keep me in gear. Unfortunately it also means sitting hunched over at the studio for long periods of time. Not good for the neck and shoulders. I need to take breaks, but when I'm on a roll I dont want to stop! :)

Heres Elsie so far, man she has been the bane of my existence, I had the worst time prepping her, only to find even more things I missed after the first basecoat. Then the base coat was too yellow, got that solved, then the top coat was too yellow, thats better now. But I'm not sure its quite right still. I'm going for the real pale style with almost no color but creamy on the bottom half. What I'm seeing in my reference pix is such a peachy tan and I havent quite gotten that yet, its better but not quite there. (granted the color is washed out in the quickie shot below)

Oh surprise, a new face, this one came together quick! I love this new mold. I finally stopped at Fleet Farm and nabbed 2 of these and another reinier. There wasnt a whole lot that needed to be done so he got bumped up in the queue while others were in the primer drying stage. Can just barely see his dapples here, hes not quite done yet.

Oscar thankfully had fewer prepping issues tho again I found a few missed spots in all that fuzz during the first base coat. I should be able to finish him in time as well. The reiner now is a sabino overo pally :) Roxy is coming along, I have a doodlebug commission to finish in time for the show as well. If all those manage to get done (eek) I also have a classic mustang foal and the classic WB I reset the head on a bit ago Id love to finish too but I'm not counting on it. I think thats it!

I went to a different FF and found NO WEG SMs at all, but did find the glossy bay Fall that I wanted, decided not to try for the whole set, just wanted that one. So last night I went back to the first FF and they had no more of the reiner or the dressage horse so I got the driving horse one instead (for AFTER the show tho) 

Oh and on the real horse front, Diva and I got Reserve Champ High Point halter for the Arabians Unplugged show curcuit this year. I missed one show in the series, during BF, but it was a 2 dayer so we lost our lead we had going into fall. Oh well, next year!

We are very much enjoying the 60 degree days we are getting here and there, taking as many trail rides as we can before the weather turns again and the parks close for the winter.