Monday, July 4, 2011

Patterns galore!

Last weekend we went to a WSCA (stock) show that had several pleasure classes we could show in. Since the show was going slow and we werent the first class in we actually had time to take some shots. (having the trailer parked along side the ring helped too)

First class of the day was pleasure driving and while we expected the class to be empty we were pleasantly suprised when it was filled with horses in all shapes and sizes! From minis (several of them)...

 To ponies, Fjords and stock horses...
 To a big black percheron

Also something I had never run across before, a "most colorful" class:

along with several lovely foals including these:

Didnt get any shots of us other than this one of Diva and Orion chowing down at the trailer. Orion is my friends gelding who gets very attached to mares and was nuzzling up to Diva all day. Unfortunately Diva was in heat and tho Orion wasnt at all interested in her that way (more of a mommy thing) she was just obnoxious.
There are a few shots of her here: though you might have to Like her page to see them?