Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Airbrush parts on order!

I didnt realize just how long its been since my airbrush went kaplooey on the floor, 8 months! Thanks to a fellow Blab member I found a much cheaper supplier and confidence that its an easy repair. So the part and a new needle are on their way! I cant wait to airbrush, the oils have been a fun learing process and will still do some, but for big pieces I want my airbrush :)

So I am open to a commission or two now for trad resins. I also have a stage mom and child star extra set I may paint for myself or I may be willing to take commissions on. Contact me if you are interested!

And my plug for Bear Air wouldnt be complete without their URL

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Movin on up

to a bigger size! Lookie what I forgot I had on the basement body shelves. Liddy Leo and Henry, lb scale mules. Actually I have SIX of them, 3 of each, I had plans for them in performance but who knows if that will ever happen. Ive had them quite a while now. Well 1 of each were already prepped and after all that sculpting and sanding but not having anything to paint yet, I thought these would be a great test on going up in scale. The first few layers werent going so well, more patience is needed the larger the scale. I'm finally feeling good about them, the paint is covering well now. The blonde chestnut is coming along faster than the bay surprisingly. Holding them is more of a pain than I thought it would be, cant do it by the tail, so the lower legs havent been worked on much.

Ive wanted to paint this guy that I found in a sale ad several years ago:


but Ive gotten too dark on that golden brown coat so I will have to tone that down. I hope I can pull off those reverse dapples!

Both are quite shiny at the moment between their fresh paint and the drier thats a necessity now with the KY like weather we have been having since I got back :(

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sculptin fool

I tend to go in streaks, right now I'm on a hack up plastic models and resculpt necks streak. I'm finally comfortable in my skilz at moving necks and resculpting them. Not ready to do anything more extensive yet! Take this guy, the new classic WB stallion (yep theres full stallion bits under there!) His head was turned to the side and I wanted it straight and on the bit for a true dressage Piaffe. I didnt even start on this til 9:00 last night (yes I am a night owl) and by midnight or so his neck was done. I tilted it forward, straightened everything out and resculpted it all in about 3 hours. I also chopped off his ears since I want them facing backwards, that part I'm not as confident in but I can do it. What I really want to do is put that cocked back leg up higher and drop the hip, that I'm not ready for, plus he would need a peg to stand. I'm happy with him like he is, not that I will ever get to show him in performance, I have no tack that would fit! His tail is staying but oh boy I get to sculpt my fav - braids! (not) At least these are bigger than SM scale ones.

And the CQHS, SM TB and Roxy are all in primer just needing a bit more sanding here and there.
Also thanks to some great folks on blab not only do I know I can fix my airbrush easily, I can also do it a lot cheaper than I thought so YAY!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Thats better!

Getting there! a few more tweaks and she will be ready for primer again. I'm much happier with her now!

Also working on this guy, gotta love prepping those oldies, not.
New tush, new boy parts (gelding), new forelock, carved out ears, detailed mane, resculpting on face (more to go), lots of sanding, farrier work and tail swished to the side and resculpted to match style, more sanding and filling...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

OFF with their heads!

and necks and shoulders...aka Roxy take 2

Tired of doing white markings (again) so I decided to dig out roxy and fix whats been buggin me about her - the right shoulder and the length of the neck

So... off with the head

and the shoulder

Roughed back in the left side neck, the other side is going to be lots more work.

compared to before:

Think I'm on the right track now