Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm still standin!

...yeah yeah yeah!

Somehow all that weight isnt making him off balance

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I havent finished his legs and hooves yet cause frankly manes and tails are more fun! but I have another reason, all that apoxy on the one side might very well make him tip over! So I may end up putting a small disc on the front hoof or something.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Where did I leave off

Lets see, since I finished the Stage mom cm I was going to clean up the studio in preparation for the show Im having at my house in a month. That didnt happen. First my back went out, then Diva went lame again (for a day) so I had time on my hands. I worked on housecleaning some but face it studio time is more fun. Plus I got a couple of the new LB resin Andalusians and a Haffie from Breyer that I had to dig into.

Poor bisque Loki has been sitting in the basement for a while now, I forget hes down there. For some unknown reason I finally decided to give him a new tail (was missing his, thats why I got him from Leslie). Then he sat for a while as I tried to decide what color to make him. So many fun Icelandic colors to pick from. In the mean time I wrenched the resin Andy from his base, popped off his tail and sanded down his mane. He has a long way to go yet and some leg and hoof sizes to even out but hes coming along. I worked on him some more earlier today and then had to set him aside to dry the apoxy. Did a little housework and then decided it was time to decide on a color for Loki: silver dapple! I havent done one in a while, with an airbrush, so off I went....


well mostly, still work to do of course

and the Andy, well for several reasons hes already got a name, Anger Management, except in spanish:   Manejo del Enojo

gimme lots of hair, long beautiful hair.....

He also got new shaplier slightly bigger ears, His tail will be swished to the side but not attached. I got rid of the original m/t as they were so rough and pinholed I just couldnt deal.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Roany pony x2

If it works run with it, I dont often do 2 colors in a row but it was so much fun to do the first one!

 Not sure how this guy snuck in between there :)

Have a repair to finish up then I will start getting busy, yep first real horse show of this year is an unseasonably early Feb 25th date, then theres the live show Im hosting in March and then things really take off and before you know it it will be NAN/BF time!