Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Much Khemotion in the studio :)

Ive only had this guy since I got it from Sarah on the initial drawing, what nine years ago? So... I was waiting for the perfect time to paint him. I was able to get two even. One went several years later in part trade for my grail Khemo by Steph Blaylock in bloody shoulder fleabit grey. I never thought she would part with that horse! I saw him in person at SMSF in NC and fell in love. He has kicked arse for me too, taking NAN cookies in halter and workmanship several years in a row. One year my other Khemo that I purchased directly from Mariah Hjerrpe took reserve right behind him, that was the coolest! A couple times I nearly put the unpainted resin up for sale in times of need, but somehow he kept getting spared from the sales list. I really wanted to paint him myself. (so yes I now have THREE Khemos, can you say FAVE Arab resin, and none of them will ever leave. The only other resin Ive managed to conga is Nahar, 1 big, 3 mini)

I cant get him entirely in the shot in my light box so pardon the tail-less pics :)

I have a mini Nahar that is called Khemotion in Motion, its remade trotting. I am thinking along the same lines of names for him. I dont plan on adding any white markings to this one.

and meet the other 2 in the conga:

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wild and wooley!

That was the scene here for an hour or so while I attempted to hair a model (a mini no less) for the first time in probably 15 years! and it will probably be ANOTHER 15 before I get the urge to do it again. Oy what a mess!

His tail isnt quite right yet but its getting there.

 Just for fun here are the b4 being styled pix:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Something I havent done in AGES!

Hair....a mini!!! We'll see how this little experiment in frustration goes. I got him painted tonight but he needs to be finished and sealed before the hairing starts so maybe this weekend the fur will be flyin :)