Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just in time!

I was finishing these two up until show time yesterday! But they got done!

The new Anger Management Andy

and Diva's hunter portrait

and I came home with several breyers for the body box!

Friday, April 20, 2012

back to work!

Finally got some paint on the Hunter Diva collab between Candy Liddy and myself!

Just getting going on Anger Management take 2, he will have a different mane and tail since take 1 is going to reside in the area as well, dont want them to be identical. Lots of work to do on the hooves, legs and ears yet, then finish the tail and mane. Ive been going non stop for a while now so I havent gotten much studio time (but we did get high point 18 and over at the show sunday!) Not sure if he will get done by the show or not but Diva will for sure.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One down, how many to go????????

Just needs a few more coats of sealer, prob. wont get much else done in the studio this week, have to wash show clothes and clean tack, gas up the truck and load the trailer, clip the horse (wont be warm enough for a bath tho) and decide what classes to enter and and.....

Friday, April 6, 2012

Next! Its show time!

Yep, finally have a show to go to thats close to home! Its all halter and the last chance to qualify for this summers national show. Most of what I want to take is qualified but there are a few newer pieces that havent been shown and then theres the 3-4 pieces I want to finish in time. Did I mention that the show was in 3 weeks and theres Easter and a real horse show in between there, um yeah, good thing I work well under pressure!

First up - Haffie #1 of MANY to come, love this gal! This ones a Dartmoor. Just started painting her today :)

#2 that I really want to get done for the show: I gave Candy Liddy a PAM body a while back and pix of my real Arab mare in huntseat and said have at it! I had her do all but the mane and tail so I could do them just like the real braiding I do on her.

Tail bone in place...
Finished mane and tail. Shes all primered now and ready to paint next, another bay, she will get done no problem.

#3 is another LB Breyer Andy resin. I removed the base, mane and tail on this one too but thats as far as he is so we will see.

#4  That CAM that just needs a bit more sanding, but Im not holding out much hope for this one to be done in time.