Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Minor distractions

Since I was stuck at home working the better part of the holiday weekend I got a little time in the studio.  Weather girl is getting there:

Then I got to prepping on my Flitwick finally but Im not painting him! Laura Behning happily agreed to paint him for the painting certificate I won! He will be done and on his way soon.

and while those were drying I decided to get out the oils and play with a medallion for a while

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On a roll...

 Tail just needs the top braid done then its time for sanding and priming and see whats left. Heres her ref photo (one of them anyway)

In the mean time I started on this guy too:

one of his ref pix, except Im going to leave his neck the way it is and leave him as a wb, maybe I'll do a Lusitano next time.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Arabs and more Arabs :)

Weather girl is coming along quite nicely now, still cleanup to do on the leg joints and some fiddling here and there but Im quite happy with her progression. I have no idea what color I want to paint her yet! Soon I will be to my favorite part... mane and tail!!! and it will be hunter braided.

And YAY for selling my dressage saddle and finding one that is perfect for a bargain price on top of it! Then I find out I won an helmet from http://www.riders4helmets.com/, an IRH one, and im liking the one with all the air vents! So I dont have much left to buy now for our first dressage show, since its show clothes not required.

Her saddle pad on the other hand is HUGE, I washed and dried it hoping to shrink it a bit, its our purple everyday one. I found a white one today thats smaller that we will use for showing. The barn redid the arena footing friday and I cant wait to see it, I hope they put in something nice. Just 2 weeks til our next halter and pleasure show!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weather girl #1 of ?

Finally got my hands on a weather girl body and rather than just repaint it I had to make her more performance friendly. When I will get to show her in performance? well thats another story. And of course once I started it turned out that I needed to to more and more and more. This is just a start really, sad to say, hopefully it wont take me forever and a day to finish!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

He did it!

Humpty Dumpty (show name HD Valhalla) got the high point morgan award which is a free mini paint job from Laura Behning! I have the colors narrowed down to 2 maybe 3 but have to figure out WHAT to have her paint. I dont have the details yet but I am going to see if she would consider flitwick a mini, if so then I have my color choice down to 2 assuming she is game :)

On the dressage Diva front, I managed to get the ill fitting saddle sold and its potential replacement should be on its way soon.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Show report/Diva report

Had a great time in MI at Melissa and Toms shows. Unfortunately came back with either a bad cold or allergies so I am behind in posting. I didnt get a single picture taken at either show :( Saturday I was too busy judging and Sunday, well my hands were usually full with horses for the next class. I didnt even think about the camera til well after lunch. Thankfully Liz LaRose took tons and posted them here http://www.elizabethlarose.com/collection/misc/tgb/show/ .

Saturday I just had a few chinas and cm glazes, including my new Taboo I picked up from Liz that morning. I also managed to get Roxy in a couple performance classes in between judging. Thanks to Jan and Juanita for helping keep an eye on my show string! Roxy won a western and an english class so is now qualified in both for NAN. Not bad for very simple entries thrown together at the last minute, with no time to primp over, and only 3 classes she made it into!

Sundays classes were large and tough! but I managed a few nan cards. Most importantly the newly fixed and painted HR Morgan got second in Light, 3rd in color and 3rd in classic. Highpoint results for the morgan, foal and appy awards havent been annouced yet but I have high hopes for that to be enough. I didnt see a lot of other morgans there.

my loot from both days combined, not included is an award from AA for the AA challenge class as they didnt arrive in time

my newest cm glazes did well

and we took a more adventurous way home and accidentally found the Jelly Belly factory in Pleasant Prarie WI so we had to go shop and take the tour!

on the Diva front we are still looking for a dressage saddle, the first one didnt work out and needs to be sold so I can get a different one, but I got her a bridle, isnt she the cutest dressage horse evah!
and its finally warm enough for her to go nekkid! om nom nom nom!