Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Books open for commissions!

I am only going to take a couple at a time. If interested see terms below. My work does very well at local shows and at NAN. I havent taken many commissions in the past so my work may not be as prevalent as others but you wont be disappointed.

Currently my airbrush is broken, thanks to the dog, so I have been working in oils. I will only do smaller models or foals in oils right now. Once I get the airbrush fixed I will take on adult trads again (I can probably do a trad roan still)


Resin or plastic body must be approved before job will be accepted. Sending it prepped is highly preferable and will get it painted much faster (prefer grey primer). I will prep resins for an additional fee based on size and condition of resin. I may also prep newer mold plastics but no old Breyers with really bad seams right now, maybe next winter. Repairs of broken ears or legs are available as well.

Half down and half upon completion, plus return shipping.

No greys, leopard apps or complicated dilutes. Artist choice is highly preferred as well. (I love painting foal coat colors!) Larger paint markings by quote, nothing for apps beyond a small blanket at this time.

Traditional - $175 solid, $200 small blanket or minimal paint markings
Classic - $125/150
SM/LB - $100/$125
Medallions - by quote, depends on size and detail level

I can offer resculpting in the way of manes and tails (no braids) for an additional fee, but no other customization at this time

Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting there!

I redid the body color to get in more of the silver in the silver dapple, it was more just a liver chestnut before. I think I'm headed in the right direction now.


Experiments with silver dapple



I know I'm doing things all out of order, but I had to experiment before I got to far to see how my first real attempt at dapples in oils was going to turn out. Its not bad but its not quite there yet, but I think I can make it work in the end.

oh and here is my reference horse for both breed and color, wouldnt it be cool to look out in the pasture and see that pretty thing standing there.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

More hair for the hairy cob!

Sculpting done! I added to the feathers and a little more mane and tail as well. Tomorrow I should be able to prime, and he shouldnt need much sanding!



Friday, February 5, 2010

Now for something completely different

Felt unenthused about my recent projects so I took a break and grabbed this NL Cob out of the body box. A while back I gave him a new, short, mane and a little resculpting on the tail and primed him. Thats as far as I got! Even had him for sale for a while. Cleaning up the studio and body box I came across him and decided to go a different direction. Found some cool pix of gypsy type cobs and got to sculpting him some hair and more hair! I have a solid, dappled, color in mind. I dont know if that will be the final choice as I havent succesfully done dapples in oils yet, but the bigger scale should make it more doable.

all new mane and tail, feathering (not done yet, will be fuller and higher on the back of the leg when I'm done), resculpted almost his entire face, added fuzzies under his belly and face, and inside the ears.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not a whole lot to update

Roxy is still in need of some sanding/filling here and there
Doodlebug is coming along, ignore the messy white markings and mapping!

And heres something new, an Oberon resin. I originally painted him in acrylics many years ago but his paint had issues. So he came back to be stripped and redone. Hes now a dark chestnut in oils, still in progress but more shading in person than the pix were capturing