Friday, July 30, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Better braids

not spectacular but better than the last time I tried SM neck braids! and behind him the netzky I touched up a bit on is pretty much dry now, he will be going up for sale when done, the Jezebel's tail is still a bit tacky, more dry time for her!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

More progress

Update on the Native Dancer, got the tail done! Needs a little more work on the other side of the neck yet, then I will attempt allll those teeeeeen tiny braids, oh boy!
and I decided he was a gelding so got that sculpted in too :)

And then theres this Finn. I redid/expanded his sabino markings and repainted his mane/tail to a lighter color (in oils). He is done and ready to go back up for sale, watch sales pages!

Out with the old, in with the new

Finally getting most of those minis finished up or close to it. So while they are drying I had the need to hack up a G1 stablemate. Found my next victim in an old plastic Native Dancer. He is now well on his way to becoming an adorable little hunter pony! That is IF I can do a respectable job on sm neck braids, thats a BIG IF :)

Pams NSH is done! and her Jezebel just needs to be sealed, I had to work on a few spots and shes a bit tacky yet.

without flash

Her mane is not the same white as her markings, it just didnt show up real well.

And  my G1 Arab stallion is done!

and lastly the new guy (or maybe gal) in progress

Jans doodlebug is still having the whites and cat tracks worked on but hes getting there. He will be done in time to hand over at BF. I am not even going to attempt to paint anything for BF sales. I'm not at the AG, swap meet or HI. I will have a few things in Jans room at the HI but nothing new, just existing sales pieces on MHSP. I'll be pretty busy judging and showing.

So I will soon be entirely done with the existing commissions if anyone has anything they need painted lmk! I would LOVE to paint the new SMB Haffies, a working girl, new Tumlinson pieces etc