Thursday, September 23, 2010


Deciding what to work on next, deciding weather to paint, or sculpt or prep, deciding weather this guy needs a different mane or not...sometimes I sit down and the studio and dont know what to work on! and sometimes the answer is nothing right now.

I am planning on him being an appy, blanket appy is about all I want to attempt, so hacked off his short tail and resculpted his bootie and gave him a short sparse tail. Now what to do with the mane? Leave as is, resculpt short and wispy or roach. I started out thinking of him as a sales piece but he will probably end up staying here:)

Pixie is nearly done, but I got sidetracked as usual.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back in the saddle again

In more ways that one! My airbrush is fixed and I am having fun painting again! Oh how I missed it. I will still do some oils but Airbrush is where I want to be :)

Pixie after ONE session:


She needs a bit more work and then some white markings but she is staying a solid color. Send me foals ! :) I cant paint enough of them.

On the real horse front, back in the saddle meant the first show after nearly 2 months of very little riding. We both had a tough time of it in the heat but boosted up our huntseat points and maintained our lead on high point halter for the year!

One more weekend of showing and we are DONE!