Sunday, January 15, 2012

3 day weekend projects

Its a 3 day weekend that Im NOT sick during so I have 2 new projects started in the studio.

First is an old AA resin (second possibly, it was a mess) thats been sitting around here for a long long time. I was googling for references for a different model and came across a cool welsh pony and thought of him. So hes finally coming to life. Decided he needed a new loose mane and tail tho so along with lots of filling and sculpting hes coming along now:

 He will have to be a welsh cross tho, he head isnt welshy enough

Second is the first giselle/stage mom/gg valentine body I finally got my hands on. I stopped in at fleet farm last week to see if they had any breyers left, a set of gg's was all they had left, only 5 bucks off the pre xmas price but I grabbed them anyway. Im trying to keep it simple but I think the mane and forelock are going to have to go after all: