Monday, June 21, 2010

99 cent ebay listings!

I went crazy and listed 3 customs on ebay last night for 99 cent starting bids and NO RESERVES!

Custom M/T Wintersong I finished a bit ago:

See other items for the other 2, including a LP by Kirsten Wellman and a Pebbles remake by me

Friday, June 4, 2010

I did it again!

I painted a resin on commission and now I want to keep it, or rather, halfway thru I wish I would have saved this color for my (eventual) copy of Jezebel. As soon as I knew I was painting her I knew I wanted to do her in this color and I am very very happy with how its turning out. I guess thats part of taking commissions, its already sold so I CANT keep them all :) Good news is I know I can recreate this color, unlike that red chestnut Mindy I did.

Anyway, shes coming along great, still need to work on the lower legs and head yet, heres just a quick shot on the studio table for now. Behind her is a Finn resin that I airbrush painted last year but was never happy with his white markings so, inspired by the 3 (yes there are now THREE) Clydesdales at the barn, he is getting new whites and will be back up for sale again soon.

The 3 amigos!